Our Story

Prude & Boujee

“Prude & Boujee” was created by owner, Vania Carter. Vania is a local Reno, Nevada resident where she works as a nurse practitioner. Vania has always been a skincare and makeup lover and was introduced to sheet masks by her sister Vera who often traveled to S. Korea and Singapore where the trend of sheet masks originated.

After falling in love with sheet masks, Vania quickly became a regular user of this k-beauty trend. Her passion and interest in sheet masks became a conversation topic with her friends and she soon realized that many other women also had some interest or curiosity in this skincare routine. Unfortunately, she found it difficult to find a one-stop shop for sheet masks. Some luxury retailers had a few brands but did not carry others and mainstream beauty retailers often relegated sheet masks to a hidden area of the store and did not have any specialists that knew the lines very well. She found that the best way to discover and learn about sheet masks was to try them yourself and share what you liked about them with your friends.

In doing so, she came up with the concept of “Prude & Boujee”, a sheet mask one-stop-shop where you can, not only find a wide range of sheet mask brands and types but also sit with your friends over a mimosa while you try a mask.