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About Masking

Whether you are curious about the face and sheet mask trend or are looking to replenish your sheet mask stash, Prude & Boujee is the place for you. Korean skincare or “K-beauty” has long been known to deliver the most innovative technology to help you achieve what is known as the “gwang” or “dewy glow” and sheet masks are an essential part of this skincare routine.  

Sheet masks are an easy way to step up your skincare game. They are typically made out of cotton, hydrogel or other materials that are pre-soaked with serums with high-potency ingredients for your skin.

We personally curate all of the brands and masks carried at Prude & Boujee. We carry masks for all different skin types focusing on Korean based technology to help you achieve glowing healthy skin. We believe that everyone’s skincare needs are as unique as they are but we, overall, recommend masking 2-4 times a week. Our sheet mask salon in Reno, Nevada is a place for you to come visit and get personalized help selecting products that may work for you. You may even mask at our brick and mortar shop by booking our #getsheetfaced service or you can also find us online at

We are always happy to help you find something to meet your needs or explore new products.

Vania Carter
Owner of Prude & Boujee